The PlayToo party pouch
As a student we all like to blow off some steam after a week of studying and working on these endless papers. There is no better way of doing that than playing fun games with your friends while enjoying a cold beverage. as you are trying to kick off your hard earned weekend with some awesome games, we all know the problem of having to search hours for some fun party games with clear rules. The PlayToo party pouch is the ultimate all-in-one solution for this problem. Our pouch guarantees a night full of fun that you’ll probably remember vaguely the next day.

Our party pouch contains:

The PlayToo booklet
Our booklet is clearly designed and contains 20 different party games from all over the world.
The clear and easy rules will make sure that even the intoxicated minds can comprehend the rules of the games. The diversity of the games in the booklet will take you on a trip through the countries that know how to have a fun night. The games from these countries have been selected by students who play them regularly themselves to guarantee an epic night full of fun.

The Party necessities
As we all know, most of all party games are played with dices and/or cards. These could not be missing in our Party Pouch, that is why we have added both of them. Our Pouch contains 3 dices which come in 2 different colors, blue and red. Also a deck of cards is included, but not just normal playing cards. Our PlayToo cards are 100% water/beer/vodka proof to make sure that you don’t have to worry about the spilled drinks ruining your cards.

Our Additional Beer pong Set
Trying to find the right cups for a beer pong night with your friends Is pretty hard, since most of the cups are very expensive or too small for playing the game. Nevertheless, our beer pong set contains 25 of the well-known American red cups which are just perfect for playing peer pong. Also 2 party colored ping pong balls are included in this set to make your trick shots look even more awesome when crushing your opponents.

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